About the company

“Atommash”, LLC is a resident company of Priority Social and Economic Development Area “Zarechny”. CEO is Sergey Antoshin. “Atommash”, LLC implements the project of manufacturing components for shunting locomotives of the TEM series. Modern CNC machines are used in the production. Operating programs and manufacturing tasks are entered via remote network access.

The production is implemented under the State industrial production import replacement program and aimed to compete at Russian and international markets. We produce valves for engines D-50, which are used in shunting locomotives TEM, TEM-2, TEM -2UM, TEM-18(D,DM), product range includes more than 120 components. Moreover, business plan stipulates manufacture of unique components upon order.

Company in figures

Product range
120 mln rubles
Prospective investment into the city economy

History of the company

Atommash company concluded an agreement on the implementation of activities with “Atom- TOR”, JSC and became the first resident of Priority Social and Economic Development Area “Zarechny”. Implementing of the industrial project of manufacturing components for shunting locomotives will help to invest 120 mln rubbles into the city economy and create 100 workplaces.
February 2020
Atommash Priority Social and Economic Development Area “Zarechny” exhibites their projects at the Governor`s investment message event on the 27th of January.
May 2020

Atommash is preparing for shunting locomotives spare parts production launch.

Company completes the connection to the main engineering facilities. Production sites and auxiliary premises including changing rooms, shower rooms, dining room and offices are renovated. Lathes which will be used at the production of valves for engines D-50, which are used in shunting locomotives TEM, TEM-2, TEM -2UM, TEM-18(D,DM) are delivered.

Hiring process is in progress.

August 2020

Comissioning of the lathes.

Comissioning together with the renovation of production site and auxiliary premises is the final step in the preparation to the full work. At first we plan to master the production of exhaust, water and oil cooler manifold, intake valve,exhaust valve, gear rings including conic gear rings.

October 2020

“Atommash”, LLC expands production areas.

The company starts preparing delimitation plan of the area for heat-treating department. New building area is 400 square meters and will become the part of the complex. In the heat-treating department will be performed quenching, annealing, tempering, cementation and other operations with the use of progressive technological methods. Use of modern technological equipment will supposingly provide accuracy of production, strength of the details, high quality of the surface processing, resistance and quality of painting works, which is needed for several details and units.

Metal heat treatment one of the central processes of modern metallurgy industry that allows to pursue selected resistance and hardness of the production. The process is based on exposure to extremely high or low temperatures with shock or natural cooling. Moreover, the temperature treatment helps to prevent early metal corrosion and avoid defects of the completed components.

The preparation of the new building construction is performed with the help of dependent subsidiary company “Atom-TOR”. “Atom-TOR-Zarechny” LLC was established on November 22, 2019 and since then has been a permanent communication channel for residents and potential investors with municipal authorities and the city-forming enterprise of the nuclear industry.

November 2020

“Atommash”, LLC produced industrial equipment for production of components for shunting locomotives TEM, TEM-2, TEM -2UM, TEM-18(D, DM) engines.

Components, specifically intake and exhaust engine valves will be produced on new equipment with the use of high frequency currents.

HFC methods are used in machine building and metallurgy for component surface heat treatment, welding and heating of metal. It allows to pursue high speed heating by current frequency rise and thus accumulate sufficient power in small part of heated component.

Equipment is produced on the base of acquired well-performing technology, adapted for the enterprise tasks. One of which is compliance of product parameters with design documentation, drawings and specifications of diesel locomotive manufacturers, including the steel types and types of processing.

December 2020

High-speed network access is provided.

High-speed network access allows engineers and managerial workers to operate at full scale. During preparation part specialists decided the best place for placing basic cellular communication station. Engineers placed special measuring equipment at the height more than 30 meters to determine current base stations configurations and signal strength.

Then fiber optic cable for high-speed internet connection was placed. The track length is about 7 km. In addition, cable must have been laid at the area border, so that residents who have the manufacture nearby are able to connect to the network easily.

Nowadays “Atommash”, LLC is a steadily working company. There are 32 high-tech modern machines.

At the moment new business plan for receiving soft target loan with the help of the fund “Mnogonaroda RF” is ready. In case it is approved the number of machines will increase to 34 and 3800000 square meters of production area will be used. Over the last six months products with the total worth of 15 mln rubbles have been manufactured.

There are more than 450 components and spare parts in the assortment and this number is growing. Together with that business plan provides manufacture of unique components upon order.

Operational excellence, implemented with the use of tax privileges and administrative preferences used at Priority Social and Economic Development Area allows to have wide range of spare parts of own production in stock. Thus the repair works and delivery to client are performed in short terms.